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Anne’s favourite Denims

  • Anne

Anne’s favourite Denims

The moment model Anne was 29 weeks pregnant, she noticed the maternity jeans she was wearing did not feel comfortable anymore. High time for an upgrade! In Regular Multi Fit Beau she found what she was looking for: Denims that are much softer than other jeans and with a perfect fit around her belly, thighs and buttocks.

What do you think of the looks of Regular Multi Fit Beau?
‘The typical Denim wash and fit already reveal this is a true jeans classic. It is the cool look that appeals to me the most and in which I feel comfortable. That is why it immediately felt like a match when I put Regular Multi Fit Beau on. At the moment, I have four friends who are also pregnant, which allowed me to also sound out their opinion. How convenient?! Fortunately the Denims passed the test.’

What appealed to you the most in these Denims?
‘My first reaction was: “they are so very comfy!” , among other things because the trousers feel nice and soft. The fabric around the belly in particular ensures the Denims have a very comfy fit. My belly is huge compared to my clothes size, so finding a pair of trousers that fit and have a belly band that is not too small, is quite a challenge. I also found that many maternity jeans slip off. When I was 29 weeks pregnant, I noticed that my current maternity jeans needed an upgrade. Regular Multi Fit Beau Denims do not slip off and have a gorgeous figure hugging fit to boot.’

How would you combine Regular Multi Fit Beau?
‘I quite like a cool look. That is why I prefer to wear these Denims with a nice oversized off-shoulder shirt. For a feminine touch, I wear them with a nice pair of heels or boots. But on certain days comfort is key, that is when I wear them with cool sneakers.’