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One of the very first things you'll need to buy for your baby is a comfortable pair of trousers. You can never have too many! There are baby trousers in various sizes and designs. Make sure you have a few basic items in the cupboard; you're sure to need them at some point. You can also alternate with a more eye-catching pair in a nice print or a bold colour or fabric.

Trousers can be combined endlessly. Make sure that you buy the basic colours. Sometimes, you'll need several pairs in one day. You'll certainly need a few pairs of white trousers if you want your baby always looking great!

Baby trousers make a great gift. Make up a package with a matching long-sleeve top and you have created a great gift. If you go for soft fabrics, you are advised to buy size 56 as a newborn gift. If you choose an eye-catching pair of trousers in a 'grown-up' style, then choose size 62 or bigger. New parents will be delighted!

Noppies baby trousers

Noppies baby trousers are known for their excellent fit. Who hasn't heard of Humpie basic trousers? We have them in wide range of colours. A genuine must-have! We use the fit of the Humpie baby trousers for other trousers too in order ensure consistency across sizing.

Do you fancy some baby trousers that are a bit more eye-catching? Then go for chinos, smart trousers, a classic-knit design or some relaxed harem pants. At Noppies, we understand that you will need plenty of trousers so we have a range of prices. There is something for everyone! Noppies baby trousers are available in sizes: 44, 50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80 and 92.

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