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Baby clothes with a feel-good story!

Baby clothes with a feel-good story!

The birth of your child will undoubtedly give you food for thought, consciously or subconsciously. We naturally want the very best for our kids and it is therefore unsurprising that an increasing number of mums-to-be care about the world they leave behind just as much they do about the love they give their little one. 

  • Organic Cotton

Just like these mothers, we also believe it is important to do our bit for a better world. You will therefore find the most beautiful pieces made of organic cotton for boys and girls this season. The cotton used is cultivated without synthetic fertilisers or pesticides and in addition, cotton farmers must comply with strict criteria to counter excessive use of water.

Apart from the fact we may be contributing somewhat to the prevention of dehydration of the earth and to better living conditions for cotton farmers with this collection, organic cotton also offers your baby many benefits.

In the first few months in particular, your baby’s skin is still very sensitive and vulnerable. Regular cotton can cause eczema because your baby’s immune system is not yet fully developed. Although it is not harmful, it can nevertheless have quite an impact on you and your little one.

There are additional benefits. Organic cotton is more breathable than traditional cotton and also feels silky soft. These comfortable baby clothes will soon become your favourite. And organic cotton smells delightfully fresh, even without a wardrobe freshener in the cupboard.

The pieces in this collection have been designed in appealing unisex colours that suit the wardrobes of both boys and girls and have trendy little prints that allow you to mix and match endlessly.