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17 tips for buying pregnancy clothing

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1. When is a good time to buy maternity trousers?

You are pregnant and suddenly your trousers no longer fit too well. In the mornings, all is well, but by the end of the afternoon and in the evening, the trousers start feeling tight and you would ideally like to undo a button. This is a good time to look for a pair of maternity trousers. You might think you can just buy a larger size, but that will not alleviate the tightness around your stomach, because normal women’s trousers are not made to fit pregnant women the way maternity trousers are. The fit of maternity trousers is designed in such a way that the waistband is below your stomach and does not press on your stomach the way your regular trousers do.

2. What do I need to look for when trying on maternity trousers?

Keep to your normal size when trying on maternity trousers. The trousers have been designed to accommodate your belly. When you put on the trousers, the abdominal belt can be worn over your stomach. You can tighten the adjustable elastic in the trouser waistband and as your pregnancy progresses, you can keep loosening the elastic. Since the adjustable elastic holds the trousers on your hips, the full weight does not rest on the top of the abdominal belt, so the trousers will not sag.

Tip: Once you have put on the trousers, go and sit in a chair. If you cannot feel the belt on your stomach, it is the right size. If you immediately feel the belt on your stomach when you sit down, try on the trousers in a larger size.

3. What is the difference between skinny fit and slim fit?

The skinny fit is tight around the legs and ankles. The slim fit is tight around the legs, but looser around the ankles.

4. Can I wear the trousers throughout my entire pregnancy?

Provided you have a normal pregnancy, you can wear the trousers throughout your entire pregnancy. The adjustable elastic means you can start wearing the trousers from the beginning of your pregnancy, because you can make the trousers smaller with the adjustable elastic. As your pregnancy progresses, you can keep adjusting the trousers. Whatever, is most comfortable for you.


5. I never wear trousers, do I have to wear maternity trousers now I am pregnant?

Try to keep to your own style during pregnancy. As your figure changes, it is lovely to be able to wear maternity clothes in your own, personal style. That does not need to change. If you usually enjoy wearing dresses, it is best to keep doing so during your pregnancy. Noppies carries attractive maternity tights and leggings that you can wear under dresses.

6. Will the maternity trousers stretch?

Maternity trousers always stretch somewhat. That is why it is important to buy the trousers in the right size and not too large, otherwise the trousers will sag. When you wash the trousers, they will fit snugly again

Tip: loosen the elastic when you put the trousers in the washing machine to stop the elastic stretching.

7. What is the benefit of maternity tights? 

Can I not just buy a larger size? The benefit of maternity tights is that they are designed to accommodate your belly. In normal tights, the seam goes across your stomach. In maternity tights, there are two seams along the side of your stomach, thus there is no seam going across your stomach, which can feel uncomfortable. Besides, it looks better under a dress when the seam does not run across your stomach.

Tip: when you buy tights for a party, buy two pairs. Keep a reserve pair in your bag!

8. What is the difference between leggings that go over the stomach and leggings that go below the stomach?

Leggings that go over your stomach are more suitable for wearing under a dress. Since there is no elastic waistband on your hips, the leggings are not visible beneath a dress. Leggings that go below your stomach have an elastic waistband below your stomach, which offers light support and is useful when you do not want to wear too many layers over your stomach.


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9. What is the benefit of a maternity dress?

The benefit of a maternity dress is that the front panel is longer and rounded along the bottom, so the dress stays nicely in position and will not creep/ride up once you are further along in your pregnancy.

10. And what about maternity shirts?

The same applies to maternity shirts, the front panel is longer and rounded along the bottom so the shirt covers your stomach nicely and will not creep up. A maternity shirt also goes better with maternity trousers. The abdominal belt of the maternity trousers is positioned below the stomach and will be visible if you wear a regular shirt. A maternity shirt is longer than a regular women’s shirt and will cover the abdominal belt adequately.

11. I usually accentuate my waist, what should I do when I am pregnant?

Your body changes during pregnancy and that can take a little getting used to. Your waist transforms into the so-called ‘maternity waist’. Your maternity waist is beneath your breasts and is the narrowest point during your pregnancy. By accentuating this point with a belt or ribbon, you accentuate your body’s narrowest point, as well as your stomach.

Tip: If you tie a ribbon below your breasts, ensure the bow is positioned to the side of your stomach and not the centre.

Tip: When wearing a wrap dress or shirt, position the bow in line with the wrap.

12. Some shirts or dresses have an extra top, what is this for?

These shirts or dresses have a breastfeeding feature. The extra ‘top’ enables you to nurse your baby discreetly. If you open the breast section of the shirt and pull the top up a little, you release your breast for nursing. Noppies nursing bras have a handy clip that you can release with one hand to undo the bra cup so that you can breastfeed.

13. My dress is clinging to my buttocks, what can I do about it?

A solution may be to wear different underwear. Often, the slip’s elastic border makes a visible line. Noppies seamless slips or shorts cover your stomach and have no elastic borders or seams, ideal for wearing beneath close-fitting dresses.


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14. Can I wear a shirt with a breastfeeding feature during pregnancy too?

You can wear a nursing shirt during pregnancy too. These shirts also have space to accommodate your stomach, with the advantage that you can wear them for nursing after childbirth.

Tip: nursing shirts are not just restricted to basic shirts! Have a look at the nursing shirts with all-over prints from the summer or winter collection, or another nursing feature such as a waterfall neckline, for example. Going to a party? Noppies also carries dresses with a nursing feature.

15. When is the best time to buy a maternity bra?

The best time to buy a maternity bra is when your normal bra no longer fits. During pregnancy, a woman’s bra size goes up 2 cup sizes on average.The fit of a maternity bra is different to that of a normal bra and is more geared toward comfort and support of the breasts during pregnancy. Because the underwire is more ‘banana-shaped’, the bra will not press on the breasts the way a normal underwired bra can do.When you buy a maternity bra, you need to take into account different and important considerations to when you buy a normal bra:

• If you are in the early stage of pregnancy, ensure the hooks on the band are fastened as tightly as possible so that you will be able to make it looser. As your belly develops, your ribcage also protrudes somewhat.

• If you are in the final stage of pregnancy, ensure the hooks on the band are fastened as loosely as possible. After childbirth, your ribcage will retract and you can tighten the band of the bra.

• The underwire must fit well around the whole of the breast. Under no circumstances should it press into the breast.

• The edge of the cup must rest on the breast as it were. If the edge of the cup is pressing the breast, the cup is probably too small.

Tip: Is your bra band fastened as tightly as possible, but riding up? Then it is too wide.

16. Can I wear a nursing bra during my pregnancy too?

You can wear a nursing bra during pregnancy. When you buy the nursing bra, ensure the underwire fits properly around the breast and that you can still wear the band on a looser setting.

17. I want to breastfeed. When is the best time to buy a nursing bra?

You can buy a nursing bra from week 34. An underwired nursing bra is mainly for wearing during the day, a non-underwired nursing bra is suitable for wearing at night and during the postnatal period.You may experience over-supply of breast milk shortly after childbirth. In that case, it is helpful to wear a soft, non-underwired nursing bra.

Tip: you wear breastfeeding compresses/pads in your bra when breastfeeding. Take this into account when trying on nursing bras.

Tip: You will also wear breastfeeding compresses at night. Noppies carries seamless nursing underwear for wearing at night, which you can sleep in too. It is inadvisable to sleep in an underwired bra.

Tip: Ensure you have at least two nursing bras; one to wear while the other is in the wash.