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Style and comfort

We are making our products even more comfortable especially for you!

The fall collections from Noppies, Supermom and Esprit have been designed according to the very latest trends. Not only do they provide hip outfits, they also offer you additional comfort during your pregnancy. 

Because you are pregnant and your body changes quickly during this wonderful, but trying and uncertain time. Your baby is growing and your clothing becomes a little less comfortable by the day. During this exciting time, you have more important things to worry about than what to wear.

But naturally, that does not mean you have to make concessions in terms of your own style and comfort. That’s why we’re here! We share your passion for style and comfort, so we are integrating new functionalities and innovations in our products.

  • Style & comfort

Do your trusty trousers no longer fit quite right? Maternity trousers offer you extra comfort and support thanks to a soft, but firm belly band. We developed an ‘over-the-belly’ and ‘under-the-belly’ functionality. Both are designed to give extra comfort and support. The over-the-belly band provides extra support for your back, as well as extra warmth, particularly in the winter months. The ‘under-the-belly’ variant is lighter and provides support from underneath, so you get plenty of support without a tight-fitting band around your belly.

We intentionally positioned our buttons so they do not poke you in the belly and you can wear the trousers throughout your entire pregnancy. Thanks to adjustable elastic in the waistband, the trousers adapt to your growing belly. The pockets are strategically positioned for a slim fit and thanks to the look-a-like fly and button closure, the maternity jeans cannot be distinguished from normal jeans!

Are you breastfeeding, or do you want to try? We have a wide range of ‘nursing’ products for you. These products are the ultimate combination of style and functionality. The functionalities in our nursing products make discreet breastfeeding very easy and they look hip too!

New. Horizontal nursing. The close-fitting dress with a ‘separate’ top is completely in keeping with the latest trend. Impossible to distinguish from a normal dress!

Classic. V-neck nursing. The traditional nursing items have a V-neck and a double-layered top (with what looks like a little shirt underneath) that can easily be adjusted to enable breastfeeding. Ideal!

Zip-it. Zipper nursing. The nursing function is concealed behind an invisible zipper. The inside of the zipper is extra soft, so that it in no way obstructs your baby.

Button it. Nursing-enabling. A complicated description for a nursing function concealed within a normal item. We all do it at some point, unbutton a blouse and then feed. That is the principle of nursing-enabling. The product enables easy feeding because of the handy little buttons, or by offering a little extra space.

Gorgeous. Fancy nursing. You still need to attend a party or a special occasion while you are breastfeeding. Even then, you can simply feed! You look stunning and you can feed easily thanks to theset-in top and semi-transparent neck.