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A sporty start to the new year in Noppies Active Wear!

After all the Christmas dinners, parties and holiday treats, 2017 has arrived. 2017 will be a special year - the year you will welcome your baby into the world.

Getting ready for your baby’s arrival is in itself a wonderful prospect, but what is a new year without resolutions?To be fair, actually keeping to these resolutions is hard to do for most of us. Healthy food, enough rest, more exercise and enjoying being pregnant are on many resolution lists, but are far more difficult in reality than we had ever imagined. 

The Active Wear collection by Noppies focusses on your baby’s growth! This collection allows for endless mix & match combinations with other items to create your personal perfect sports outfit.

The leggings in this collection are completely on trend, but also offer much support during exercise and their fabric is Quick Dry. Their accent colours and the choice between either 3/4 or full-length sports leggings ensures you can create a complete set suitable for summer as well as winter months!

The crop top with marble print adds just that bit of an extra touch to your sports outfit. Crop tops also accentuate your pregnant belly and have a high waist to show off your wonderful maternity curves. Complete your outfit with matching sports leggings in the same print. 

A beautiful maternity sports shirt is also perfectly suited to a sporty look. The fabric of the shirt is smocked at the bottom, ensuring it always has a perfect fit. This is especially convenient if you prefer to wear it over your hips instead of your buttocks. 

For outdoor sports, or after exercise, a sports cardigan is always convenient to have at hand. The zipper is elastic, allowing the cardigan to stretch along with the changes your body goes through! This cardigan can also perfectly be used in mix & match combinations with the 3/4-length sports leggings made of the same material.

Happy new (sporty) year!