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Like the look

  • Noppies denim collection

Every woman knows: at the end of the day you will only feel comfy in jeans that have a beautiful fit where it matters the most… Uh-huh: your butt! This was what we focussed on when we developed the new Denim collection by Noppies. Because with jeans it’s all about the looks! Discover here what  Denims by Noppies can do for your figure.

Stylish fits 
When your body starts to change, you may feel more of an urge to keep dressing stylishly. When you think of stylish, skinny comes to mind. Because skinny Avi has a perfect fit around your legs and buttocks, your figure will definitely look at its best in the jeans. And that is exactly what you are looking for in Denims, right? Jeggings Ella also ensure all your main features – in other words: buttocks and legs – are shown off beautifully.

Cool style
Maybe you will feel better in Denims with a less tight fit around your legs and buttocks. In that case Slim Fit Mila and Regular Multi Fit Beau are the perfect style for you. Slim Fit Mila has slightly flared legs, perfect if you want to highlight your thighs less. Moreover, these jeans are also available in larger sizes, especially for the curvy ladies among us. Regular Multi Fit Beau can be recognised by the relaxed fit: beautifully figure hugging, without being really tight. A wonderful option for a cool look.