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Your layette in practice, how do you go about that?!

Could someone explain that to me, please? Possibly a question you’ll regularly be asking yourself (not quite) out loud as a brand new parent. Everything is new and you’ve never really done much of this before. So it’s not really all that strange that you simply have no idea where some things are concerned. How do you make up the cot? Those footmuffs look fabulous, but how do you actually use them? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could just get some quick answers to your questions. Just all the practical stuff, nothing more! We have created our ‘how to’ videos especially for these types of questions! A short video about your pressing question, making sure you’ll have mastered all of these facets of parenting by the end of the day, like a pro. Do you have another fantastic idea for a ‘how to’ video, which will make the lives of Noppies parents just that little bit easier? Then send us a chat message or email!

Making up the baby cot

Making up the cot
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Baby out of the bathtub

Baby out of the tub
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How to use a sleeping bag

Use a
sleeping bag
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Securing a footmuff

Footmuff in the car seat
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