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High fives for the puffing heroines


Anyone who regularly walks or cycles through the parks in big cities will have seen the groups of pregnant ladies exercising enthusiastically. Huffing and puffing you can see them walking, sometimes even running, and squatting until beads of sweat form on their foreheads. When I see them I always want to run along this line of puffing heroines and give them all a high-five. Exercise is great for both mother and baby. And it's great fun! Once registered, the keen ladies usually exercise right up to when they give birth. More and more women are getting involved but, sadly, there are still just as many sitting at home on the sofa. Sometimes because they can't exercise and sometimes because they think it is dangerous. But also often because they don't feel great and can't find the motivation. So I'm always pleased to hear about research that could give ladies that extra little nudge towards exercise.


  • positie sportkleding

The positive effects

This week, this message appeared in the AD : "Hate sport? It's your mother's fault". The title is a bit negative but if you read on, you'll see that research has shown that exercise during pregnancy is not only good for mother and child but that it has lifelong, positive consequences for the children. Not only are they more active but their ability to burn fat is also significantly higher. What a great bonus! OK, so now we all know that it's a good idea, so let's get to it! You've signed up for a trial lesson and when the day arrives, you stand in front of your wardrobe. You try on all your sports clothes and then take them off again because nothing fits. Help! You don't feel great in your friend's outfit, which is much too big and unflattering, but you're going to the park anyway. High five!

Zwangerschapssportkleding van Noppies

But clothing crises are now a thing of the past, because Noppies has a special active wear maternity collection. Hooray! Real sports clothes which look fantastic. Good fit, great support and fun prints. This time the high five is for Noppies!

Josine Gräfe is mother, sports freak and programme manager for Mommies at the Bootcamp Club. Read all about her on this platform. Any questions? Ask them below or email josine@thebootcampclub.nl