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Frustrated about your bra? Read the solution here…

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Many pregnant women put off buying maternity lingerie, or cannot be bothered at all. Why can’t I just buy one size bigger? What a shame! Because maternity lingerie provides a great deal of comfort and often looks very sexy to boot. Curious about the advantages? We have listed them for you.

The maternity bra
The advantage of a maternity bra is that it is designed to grow with your changing body, because one bra can grow several cup sizes and the improved fit provides sufficient support throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born. Repeatedly being frustrated is a thing of the past, which means you will probably find it easier to visit the store again and treat yourself to a new set – you already know which size you are!

The nursing bra
Most maternity bras also have a nursing feature for – here comes that terrible word – comfort, but funnily enough: you will love it! Because it is essential to sufficiently support your breast during breastfeeding to prevent cracked nipples and stretch marks. The right type of fabric and the position of the nipple allow you to immediately latch on your baby without the need to hold your breast or nipple during breastfeeding.

Types of bras 
Just like you would at a regular lingerie store, you can also choose between various types of maternity/nursing bras during your pregnancy. Below we have given a convenient overview:

In the world of maternity wear, these would be called ‘nursing tops’. During your pregnancy, underwire can be irritating, even if you are wearing the right size. To provide sufficient support we have added a wide band below the breasts. Wonderfully comfy, because you hardly notice you are wearing a bra at all. If you experience engorgement during your pregnancy, this nursing top is an ideal solution.

With underwire
We have to admit, however, that a bra with underwire does provide more support. Therefore, we do recommend wearing bras with underwire for women with a larger cup size. On average, a woman grows two cup sizes during her pregnancy. The banana-shaped underwire prevents the bra from putting pressure on the breasts like a regular bra would.

Discrete breastfeeding
Breastfeeding in public is still more or less taboo. Nowadays, many bras allow for discrete breastfeeding without having to awkwardly twist and turn your body or your baby to do so, which incidentally also has many disadvantages in terms of milk flow. Many bras can be opened by releasing a clip, after which only the nipple and areola are exposed, the rest of the breast stays discretely inside the bra.

Other elements
Maternity/nursing bras often have removable cups to allow you to choose between shaping your breast or not. But we have one very helpful suggestion for you… After breastfeeding your baby, you will have to use pads to keep you dry in case of any spills. By placing these pads in the pockets for the removable cups, they stay well in place and you will hardly notice they are there.

The shoulder straps are often just a touch wider to provide extra support for your breasts. If it doubles as a nursing bra and can also be used to breastfeed your baby, the straps have convenient clips to easily open the front cup.

No bra is complete without beautiful briefs and believe it or not – they also come with several essential advantages. The firm band supports your belly and sufficiently relieves the pressure on your lower back. The stretch fabric on the belly part grows with the changes your body goes through. This means the briefs keep fitting well, but do not show unflattering lines on your belly and legs.

Second skin
There are times during your pregnancy that your body seems overly sensitive. That is why the briefs feel like wearing a second skin. The edges are soft and stretch well and there is plenty of room at the leg openings. The briefs with a belly panel in particular also provide a great deal of support after your baby is born, because your belly will not instantly shrink back to normal and, therefore, providing extra support can be comfy. If a belly panel is too warm for you, we also have briefs available without it.

Various types
There usually are three kinds of briefs: the classic briefs, boxer briefs and longer shorts. The latter is often seamless and especially wonderful to wear under a dress to prevent any unflattering lines showing under it. But also consider wearing them when you have chaffing on your inner thighs – unfortunately not uncommon during pregnancies – in which case wearing these longer shorts is ideal.

The store
Hopefully we have been able to properly explain why maternity lingerie can make all the difference. In order to quickly find the lingerie to suit you there is only one last bit of advice we would like to give: measuring is key. The maternity stores have expert staff who know exactly what to focus on and they can easily and quickly inform you on the size to wear throughout your pregnancy. How easy is that?