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Denim and Joggers


What fun we had! The holiday in France was another great success. The weather was good and we spent plenty of time at the pool and on the beach every day! We, of course, went on a few excursions to some amazing cities. We also visited a few French markets and 3 Vide Greniers (flea markets) in search of vintage treasures…well, 2 actually, the girls and I set off early for the 3rd and arrived at our destination after driving for 3 quarters of an hour! It was in the front garden of a little house and there were three pots, a cabinet and some other junk. Hardly worth the effort. However, there was a bakery in the village that sold delicious macaroons, so we did not return to the camping site empty handed!

Going crabbing is also slowly becoming a tradition! This time we had to wait until after sundown for low tide so that we could fill our buckets with crabs! Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, including this holiday! Sadly, after 2 weeks it was time to pack up our clothes back into our suitcases and head back home. What fun we had!


  • Back to school

As it happened, the kids had to go back to school! I must say, they were really looking forward to it, if only to see all their friends again! When they go to school, they like to wear their most comfortable outfits that give them full range of movement. But being a mother, you naturally also want them to look good.


Fortunately, the latest outfits from Noppies fitted the bill perfectly! I was able to find a few lovely denim and jogging items for both the twins and the girls! The kids loved the cool prints and details.


  • Back to school

Unfortunately, it took a little convincing to get my critical twins into skinny jeans. You see, the boys actually never wore close-fitting jeans when they were small. More because I felt they did not fit very well. After some convincing, Daan and Mees are now also fans of these Noppies jeans. They were able to play in them comfortably, thanks to the stretch and supple materials. In other words: a real winner!


The girls are crazy about skirts and dresses. Preferably in bright colours and fun prints. The girls immediately took a liking to the star dress in jogging fabric and the star trousers that look like a skirt from the front. A little preppy, but very cool too.


  • Back to school

When I see them walking off, all kitted out in new outfits, I realise how proud I am. Time goes so quickly. Daan and Mees are already going to grade 1, Saar to grade 3 and Roos to grade 4. I can’t wait to hear all the stories they will be coming home with this term! But I’ll save that for next time!

Vicky // Circusbeer

Vicky - mother of 4 - offers a glimpse into her busy family life every day in her Circusbeerphotography Instagram. She has two girls and two boys with her boyfriend Benny. Roos is 7 years old, Saar is 5 and twins Mees and Daan are 4 years old. It’s for good reason that Vicky was rated “best instagrammer” of the year. Thanks to her passion for photography and her stylish children, circusbeerphotography is a true source of inspiration.