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Denim fitguide

Do you feel confident in classic denims? Or can’t you wait to show off your belly in all-time favourite skinny black ones? The new Denim maternity collection by Noppies includes four different fits, so you can find the jeans that suit you best.  What to expect? Four denim types with a simply perfect fit - especially where it matters the most... Show off your belly as well as your buttocks in our Ella, Avi, Milla or Beau jeans. 

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Pregnancy Jeans Of Noppies

Noppies have already been designing jeans for women since 1991. Fashion, comfort, style and quality are the keywords, but Noppies will also continue to develop and seek new innovative solutions that will make the collection even richer and more beautiful. With Noppies pregnancy jeans you are sure that you have an optimal fit, a trendy design and extra comfort because of the handy details that have been used in the designs.

Skinny Avi

You are undoubtedly familiar with the term body hugging. The stretch fabric this must-have item is made of ensures that they fit like a second skin, that is how comfy they are. But secretly the main feature of these jeans is their style. It is for good reason that Avi is the most popular Noppies denim item: the classic skinny fit has been upgraded, the shape of the bottom part of these jeans match the top part even better now. This means the Avi jeans hug your figure even more beautifully than ever before. Avi jeans are available in three blue tones, grey and black. In addition, you can also shop these jeans in a ‘committed’ or an ‘essential’ design.

The skinny pregnancy jeans will stay and fit with almost all looks. Whether you choose a comfortable sweater or a stylish pregnancy tunic, you will always make a right choice. Because although you may think that the skinny jeans are not suitable for every figure, this is disproved with the Skinny Tara pregnancy jeans. The vintage washing can be found at the middle of the leg, so that your legs look slimmer. The high waste at the back make your legs look longer, while the own waste at the front emphasise your beautiful pregnant stomach.

Slim fit Milla

Milla, the always perfect jeans. Just like the Avi skinny jeans the fabric of these jeans follow the contours of your body. But this style one is less tight around the legs. The fit, the position of the back pockets and the slightly flared legs are all proportionate, which gives these jeans a timeless look and feel.  Denims Milla are available in three blue tones and in a ‘committed’ and ‘essential’ design. Specially for curvy ladies, Milla also comes in larger sizes with legs that are slightly more flared towards the bottom. This allows all beautiful women to feel great during the highlights of their pregnancies.

The slim fit pregnancy jeans have a fine fit for all figures and are therefore one of the most popular models. The slim fit Mia pregnancy jeans with a dark washing have a slimming effect and a vintage washing across the middle of the upper leg. A timeless denim that fits every look. The slim fit pregnancy jeans in the basic colours of black and white must be part of every collection. The designers of Noppies have therefore introduced the slim fit Leah pregnancy jeans. In this way you complete the basis of your pregnancy wardrobe.

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Regular Pregnancy Jeans

The straight fit pregnancy jeans are a fine classic model. The model with straight trousers is timeless and upgraded every season. The straight pregnancy jeans of Noppies are equally wide across the entire width of the legs, so that the jeans have a flattering effect and feel comfortable.


Are you looking for a true ‘jeans classic’? Jeans Beau suits you down to the ground. The relaxed fit ensures you will feel comfy, but also look great to boot. Jeans Beau can be recognised by their typical denim colour and the special belly band made of cotton. Comfort meets style.

Jegging Ella

Probably the most comfy invention of the century: jeggings! But the style these denims are in also make you want to pick these tight-fitting Ella jeggings from your wardrobe as often as you can. The addition of back pockets make this style look like real denims instead of leggings. The dark wash has a flattering slimming effect. How great is that!?