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Maternity lingerie



When you are pregnant, you soon notice that your body is changing. Your own bra does not fit so well and a little bit more support would be handy. You may think it is not worth all the trouble, but after buying this comfortable pregnancy bra you soon notice the advantages and want nothing else during your pregnancy and maternity period. The pregnancy bras of Noppies have handy details, comfortable fits and trendy designs. Noppies has a broad selection of pregnancy lingerie. From very basic to sexy lace and from preformed to seamless. We have the perfect set in our collection for everybody and every taste. 



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The advantages of pregnancy lingerie 

Noppies has already been designing the most beautiful lingerie for women for more than 25 years. Made of rich materials and including luxurious details.

Flexible clamps 

Unlike normal bras, our clamp bras do not have a rigid round clamp, but a smoother banana-shaped clamp. This form means that your mammary glands have enough space. The clamp does not have a push-up effect, but offers extra support.


Subtle feed clips

All our food bras have subtle feed clips, so that you can easily loosen the cups. This offers extra convenience when feeding your child.


Broad shoulder straps

Our bras have broad shoulder straps for extra support for your growing breasts.


Smooth materials

Our cups and size straps are made of soft and smooth materials. It is obviously designed in such a way that it feels solid and offers the right support to the changing forms of your body.



Adapted wasteband

The pregnancy slips of Noppies are available in two variants. The first variant can be worn over the stomach for extra support and comfort. The second variant has a lower wasteband which is hidden under your pregnant stomach.


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When a pregnancy bra

As from week 16 your body will change visibly, which also has a great effect on your bra size. During your pregnancy your cup size will often grow one or two cup sizes. On average you already need one larger cup size around week 23 than your normal cup size. Around 36 weeks your breasts will have grown another cup size. If you have any doubts about the cup size, you can find more information in our size table. Here you can read exactly which cup size is required for which breast size.

Grow-along bra up to two cup sizes

Some pregnancy bras have been designed in such a way that they can grow two cup sizes. For example, the seamless feed bra of Noppies fits perfectly during your pregnancy and maternity time. The grow-along bra has handy feed clips, so that you can easily breast-feed your child.




Feed bra of Noppies

In the meanwhile we can state that a feed bra is a must-have item during the maternity period. Discover the advantages below of a feed bra of Noppies: The Honolulu feed bra is one of the bestsellers of Noppies. A simple, but perfect basic item which is very comfortable and available in several colours. 

Pregnancy underwear

A comfortable pregnancy short or pregnancy slip just offers that extra bit of comfort during your pregnancy. Choose from handy basics or make your lingerie set complete with a fitting design. The pregnancy underwear of Noppies is made of rich materials and has a comfortable fit. Choose a fit that suits you and discover the advantages.