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Children's sizes

Let's start at the beginning: children's sizes start at size 80. Your child will be this size when he/she is around 12 months old. From now on, your child will grow less quickly so you will be able to buy clothes of a specific size. From 12 to 18 months your child will wear size 86 and then grow into size 92 during his/her second year. After that, you can assume that he/she will go up one size every year.

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What size should I buy?

For children who stay the same size for a little longer, the following applies: do you expect them to grow into the next size within 2-3 months? Then buy a larger size. This also applies to winter coats and other seasonal items. Buy a little bit bigger and put a chunky jumper underneath!

Don't forget to consider your child's height when buying clothes. If your child is quite tall, buy a size bigger and use the elastic in the inner waistband of the trousers or turn up the sleeves. This looks better than short trousers or sleeves and means your child will get more wear out of the items you buy.


Children's sizes at Noppies

We always try to tell you all you need to know about the fit of our clothes. We use the description of the item and also the size chart for this purpose. But if you still have questions, please contact our service department or get in touch via social media.