Baby swimsuit

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So cute! A grown-up item in a mini-version. A baby swimsuit is great for holidays, during baby-swimming sessions or for a lovely summer's day at the beach. You can't do without a baby swimsuit! A baby swimsuit is a handy item that can be worn over a swimming nappy, allowing your baby to 'dress up' for swimming.

Baby swimsuits come in various colours with a range of prints. So you'll always find something to suit your little one!

Looking for a gift for a newborn? Then perhaps you could buy a baby swimsuit? This is an item that parents often haven't bought for themselves and so is a very welcome gift. They are bound to go swimming with their little munchkin! 

Noppies' baby swimsuits

Noppies has a range of baby swimsuits. Noppies baby swimsuits come in tropical prints and cheerful colours. They are really comfortable and the fabrics are top quality, allowing the swimsuit to last for ages! Noppies baby swimsuits are available in sizes 50, 56, 62, 68, 74 and 80. 

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