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Baby sizes



You've not even seen your baby in real-life yet, but you need to buy plenty of items for him/her already. But how do you know exactly what size your baby will be and how quickly he/she will grow? Here, you can read all you need to know about your baby and pick up hints and tips about buying baby clothes in the right size.  



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Baby sizes, how does that work?

Let's start at the beginning: baby sizes officially start at 50 (newborn) and end at 80 (around one year). In between you have 56, 62, 68 and 74. For premature babies, sizing starts at 44 or sometimes even lower. The numbers correspond to the baby's length. This means that the baby with size 50 is around 45-50 centimetres long and a baby with size 56 is around 51-56 centimetres long. 

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What size should I buy?

If you are looking for clothes for your own baby, make sure you have a few items in size 50. Your baby will probably wear a lot of clothes in size 50 in the first few weeks and (after around 4-6 weeks) will grow into size 56. In those first few weeks, soft comfortable outfits that you can easily get on and off are vital. Wrap-around cardigans or playsuits with buttons at the bottom will make dressing/undressing your baby a lot easier in the first few days. You may also receive many gifts in size 56 so buy those lovely trousers you have your eye on in size 62! Then your baby will have more time to enjoy them. You also need to think about the seasons when your baby will wear a specific size. If you buy that summer outfit in size 62 and it's autumn by the time it fits, it will end up staying in the cupboard and never being worn.

Baby sizes - tips

Here are a few tips about choosing the right size: 

1. Buying for your own baby? Make sure you have enough clothes in size 50 for the first few weeks. 
2. Buy your baby's first outfit in size 50. 
3. Bear in mind that visitors will often buy clothes for your newborn in size 56. 
4. You also need to think about the seasons when your baby will wear a specific size. 

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