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5 jeans tips for you!

  • 5 jeans tips for you!

5 jeans tips for you!

Are you pregnant and looking for great jeans? In this magazine, we have listed 5 useful tips to help you find your new favourite maternity jeans.

1. Buy your regular size

It goes for all our maternity clothes: always select the same size as before your pregnancy. This means you can buy your maternity jeans in your regular clothing size. Our jeans are designed to allow both your body optimum room to change and your child to develop – and with four different fits, there is always a pair of jeans to suit you. Their convenient features and advantages set them apart from regular jeans, which will become less comfy and lose their fit when your belly grows.

2. Don’t wait too long

You can wear your Noppies maternity jeans throughout your pregnancy, because their adjustable elastic waist and stretchy belly band allow the trousers to grow with your belly. In other words, the sooner you buy your maternity trousers, the longer you can enjoy the comfort and support so very welcome during your pregnancy. And even in the first weeks after your baby is born, you will notice that it is still very nice to wear your comfy maternity jeans. 

3. Stay true to your own style

Being pregnant is a special time in your life in which you can shine like never before and can be proud of your growing belly and the little one inside you. Your body may change, but it is important for you to still be you. There is absolutely no need for you to change your fashion style now that you are pregnant and your belly is definitely worth seeing! That is why Noppies allows you to choose a jeans fit that you like and are used to wearing. And we have a wide maternity jeans collection available, allowing you to always find a pair of jeans that fit your personal style.

4. Buy at least 2 pairs of jeans

Good pregnancy jeans are so comfortable you wouldn’t mind wearing them all week long. We recommend buying at least 2 pairs of jeans, which means one pair can be in the wash, while you wear the other. It is also nice to choose different styles to be able to create a nice outfit for various occasions. Go for a casual chic pair of jeans, for example, that can also perfectly be mixed and matched with a nice top and jacket to create a party outfit. And choose a different style of jeans for an easy leisure look.

5. Move and test

It goes without saying you want your jeans to look good. But being pregnant also means it is important to be able to have freedom of movement with a belly that is growing. Always test your jeans by sitting down and moving around, for example. Are your jeans still comfortable? Then they are the perfect pair for you!

When you order your maternity jeans online, you can try on your maternity clothes in the comfort of your home. If you need extra personal advice, feel free to visit one of our brand stores. Have a wonderful pregnancy and lots of shopping fun!